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North Berwick-BaunegBeg Mountain

WHY IS THIS AREA SIGNIFICANT? The low rolling forested hills, broad stream valleys, and numerous swamps in this focus area support a good quality example of a red maple fen natural community, habitat for Blanding’s turtles and two rare plant species as well as habitat for wintering deer and wading birds and waterfowl.


The Bauneg Beg Mountain Focus Area covers approximately 3,000 acres and includes low rolling forested hills, broad stream valleys, and numerous swamps of varying sizes. Forests on the uplands are dominated in some areas by second growth red oak mixed with beech and sugar maple, or in other areas mixed with white pine or hemlock. Forested swamps are dominated by various combinations of red maple, hemlock, and yellow birch. Tall shrubs such as alder, high bush blueberry, winterberry and mountain holly dominate the cover in some of the more open wetlands. Larger wetlands tend to occur in stream basins where local geology has impeded drainage. Smaller wetlands and vernal pools are scattered over the landscape occurring both in well defined stream drainages and in isolated locations perched on hillsides. Portions of the area were historically cleared for agriculture but have mostly returned to forest. The primary use of the area today is for timber harvest and much of the forest is in some stage of recovery from past harvest activities.